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Cindy Johnston

Cindy Johnston

Maple Ridge, BC


My earliest childhood recollection of fine art was made after viewing an oil painting called "Rainy City"; I was amazed that you could actually feel the cold gloom of the night rain and the excitement of the city lights at the same time. It left a lasting impression on me. I spent my school and university years studying science and literature in a small community in Northern Alberta, so art was never in my scope of possibilities for a career. My mom, a gifted artist herself, bought me a watercolour course and supplies in 1998 as a way to “escape” the routine of being a new mother. It was the best gift I ever got, and it served to change my life. Over the next 10 years, I moved from soft watercolors to bold acrylics and mixed media, and my love of creating art grows daily.

My goal is to create art that makes you think about it long after you have viewed it; to make you feel something significant and to have it physically affect you. I enjoy structured compositions, an Old Master’s rich color palate, an emphasis on texture, and I like to blend realism with a slightly abstract point of view. I love to use mixed media, working layers of paint, ink, pastel, and exotic or antique papers into my experimental work. I believe that the title of a piece is often fundamental in guiding the viewer into the soul of the painting; to share the imprint that it was meant to leave.

I feel a sense of peace and relief after I complete a piece. Each painting is like a baby that I am letting out into the world with a little piece of me with it. I am happy to see them go, as it is a way of sharing myself in a very personal way with others.


2015 - Linzy Arnott Studio & Gallery, Osprey Village, Pitt Meadows, BC
"Undiscovered Stars" - Seasons of Birch, The Guardian, What Dreams May Come, A Pear Affair

2014 - Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, Granville Island:
"Small, Smaller, Smallest" - Soaking Up the Morning Sun
"Ten Squared" - Angels' Bonfire, Off the Grid, Holding My Breath

2014 - ACT Gallery, Maple Ridge, BC
"Ensemble" - Remember, Reminisce, Windswept

1997 - 2014 Garibaldi Art Club Spring & Fall Shows, Maple Ridge, BC
2014 Seasons in the Park (juried) ACT Gallery
2013 Fall Show, Peoples' Choice Top 5 "What If"
2012 (juried), Honorable Mention: “Berry Treasure”
2011 In Pursuit of Excellence (juried), Honorable Mention “Divergence”
1997 “Family Tree” voted as invitation and display piece

2010-2012 Beyond the Brush Summer and Fall Shows, Mission, BC


Playing Peek-a-Boo by Cindy Johnston


Waiting for Santa by Cindy Johnston


Vampire Skies by Cindy Johnston


Dark Moon by Cindy Johnston


Ice Road by Cindy Johnston


Ice Bridge by Cindy Johnston


Ice Bolts by Cindy Johnston


Cedars of Ice by Cindy Johnston


Cedars of Ice II by Cindy Johnston


Frozen Buds by Cindy Johnston


Frozen Revolution by Cindy Johnston


No Entry by Cindy Johnston


Icy Sunrise by Cindy Johnston


Winter Creek by Cindy Johnston


Lonely Frosty Tree by Cindy Johnston


Fashion Meets Nature by Cindy Johnston


Ferry Sunset by Cindy Johnston


Misty Hills on the Strait by Cindy Johnston


Hidden Birdhouse by Cindy Johnston


Garden Babies by Cindy Johnston


Garden Babies II by Cindy Johnston


To Float or Not to Float by Cindy Johnston


Nature Wins by Cindy Johnston


Abandoned Boat by Cindy Johnston


Abandoned Boat II by Cindy Johnston


The Watchers by Cindy Johnston


Night Boy by Cindy Johnston


Jack in the Bag by Cindy Johnston


Sam Waits by Cindy Johnston


Still Waiting by Cindy Johnston


Sunny Jack by Cindy Johnston


Little Missy is Watching by Cindy Johnston